Sleeping at the Baobab Avenue (Magaskar)

Sleeping at the Baobab Avenue (Magaskar)
Sleeping at the Baobab Avenue (Magaskar)

Baobabs Avenue (Magadascar, Morondava)

Almost everybody knows where is Madagascar. And almost everybody knows the postcard-ish view from the west coast of Madagascar: seriously proud and extremely old giants: the baobabs. How not to say hello to them? We couldn’t resist to spend a night with them.

Madagascar has two main concrete roads: up-down from the capital and the one from the west to the east coast. If you have less than 3 months time of travelling, you simply have to decide which direction are you heading, because you won’t be able to see all. We started with going west.

Travelling by local transport is not the easiest and for sure not the fastest thing in this country (read about taxi brousses in our first post from Madagascar) but after some days we arrive to Morondava, the heart of Menabe region, on the western coast. That’s the place to get to the famous Alley of Baobabs, which we all have in mind, when we hear the word „baobabs“.

Of course there is much more baobabs in this country than that but the Alley is seriously special: few kilometres of giants (even 30 metres high) on the right and left side of the road, standing with pride since even 1000 years.

It’s just one kind of baobab tree (there is 9 species in the world, 6 to be found in Madagascar), with the circumference up to even 50 metres!

And the Alley is… just a random sandy road, leading from one village to another. Not a national park, not a protected area. And the baobabs, for the locals, are… just the trees. The source of wood, food, water and… tourists. And the last one is only troubles, nothing really more.